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With CoreAchieve you have an option to subscribe to our e-Learning SaaS solution and start using it simply as is.
It is a feature rich, easy to use application developed on the latest technologies. You are going to receive our new features and improvements as soon as they are available.
With unlimited number of end users and learning objects, CoreAchieve will support your entire organization - large or small. We have tested it for up to 5,000 concurrent users with no delays. It will improve you learning and training process.
Our price is all inclusive and our services will meet your highest standards.

The other option is a solution customized for your business needs, which we will support at the same low monthly subscription cost as “out of the box” solution. If your learning process does not fit into the standard “box” offered by us or any other vendor, we will work with you to make CoreAchieve support it perfectly.
With us you do not have to fit your process into existing product. We will tailor our product for you. Yes, you will pay for our customization service one time, but after that it will be your own e-Learning PaaS solution.


Course & Content Management

  • Build and organize a Library of Learning materials and Quizzes
  • Upload Audio, Video, and Documents or reference to the External materials
  • Build Quizzes, Assessments, and Surveys
  • Build Courses from scratch or import SCORM compliant content
  • Tag questions in Quizzes and Surveys by Role; branching support
  • Single-choice, multi-choice, text and audio responses
  • Use Lessons Template
  • SCORM compliance and xAPI (Tin Can) support
  • Built-in video and audio playback; SCORM player
  • Amazon WS player support
  • Combine Learning materials into Playlists
  • Assign Access to Learning object to Users and/or Groups
  • Assign Instructors and Attendance managers
  • Monitor and manage Learners Course progress
  • Configure Course completion criteria
  • Set up the rules for Lesson progression in your Courses
  • Grade Assessments and issue Certificates


  • Reports available on learning progress
  • Visual survey results
  • Quiz results analysis
  • Built-in analytics
  • Power BI analytical model and reports are available
  • Access your data from BI tools

WEBINARS with GoToWebinar

  • Schedule new webinars from CoreAchieve
  • Registration by instructor and self-registration
  • Multi-session support
  • Reminder notifications
  • Automatic attendance verification
  • Recorded webinars


  • Leaning Objects: progress and history
  • Achievements: certificates
  • Contributions: materials and playlists
  • Communications: comments and discussions
  • Subscriptions

In person ILT

  • Enrollment with and without approval
  • Wait list support
  • Schedule single and recurrent sessions
  • Registration by instructor and self-registration
  • Acceptance and Reminder notifications
  • Roster and attendance tracking
  • Self-reporting on external activities completion
  • Facility Management


  • Share information through a news blog
  • Post comments and receive feedback
  • Course-specific Discussion Boards
  • Maintain FAQ

Learning Paths

  • Organize Courses into Learning Paths
  • Set up the rules for Courses progression
  • Assign Access to Learning object to Users and/or Groups
  • Monitor and manage Learners progress in Learner Path
  • Issue Certificates upon Learning Path completion

CE Credits and Certification

  • Setup CE Credits by Role for Course, Section or Session
  • Record CE Credits and generate Transcripts
  • Certificate Templates Registry
  • Issue Certificates automatically or on demand


  • SSO authentication with Personify and Aptify
  • Login with Microsoft credentials
  • Login with LinkedIn credentials


  • Multi-tenant support
  • User authorization with several SSO providers
  • Flexible, permission-based security
  • Access support through an online inquiry form
  • Advanced logging and audit capabilities


  • SaaS: Cloud hosting on Azure with Azure SQL Database Service
  • Ability to stretch on demand to support high availability
  • Less than 3 seconds response for 5,000 concurrent users
  • GDPR compliant hosting environment and architecture
  • Self-served Business Intelligence with Power BI Service


  • Training and implementation services
  • Solution customization and integration
  • Tailored on premises and cloud implementations
  • Highly reliable Customer service and support



$299 / mo

  • Up to 100 ACTIVE users
  • Unlimited Courses
  • $2.99 per user per month
Free Trial


$799 / mo

  • Up to 300 ACTIVE users
  • Unlimited Courses
  • $2.66 per user per month
Free Trial


$1,219 / mo

  • Up to 500 ACTIVE users
  • Unlimited Courses
  • $2.44 per user per month
Free Trial


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Courses
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CoreAchieve is the premier learning management software developed by CorePartners, Inc. located in Frederick, Maryland.

CorePartners team of professionals brings the value of over 20 years of technical and business project experience to each customer engagement. Our collaborative approach with each customer and ensuring your business requirements are understood and met is our focus. Your success is our success! As an advanced technology company, we apply the most recent and effective techniques to support our customers in efficiently managing their business operations. We offer implementation, training and support services to ensure your return on investment is realized quickly and seamlessly.

Our Customers

CorePartners excels in their ability to understand complex systems in their entirety,
allowing them to accurately diagnose problems and fix them properly.
I sleep better knowing that I can call upon CorePartners, if I need assistance.

Rusty Redinger

Manager, Software Development
American Water Works Association

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